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Latest News May 2014

 The Pulse-R gas engine wins the Shell Springboard final in London beating over 110 new  low carbon innovations developed by UK technology companies.


News March 2014....Oaktec wins regional heat of 2014 Shell Springboard low carbon innovation competition and £40,000 prize money for the Pulse-R dedicated small gas engine technology.


News  Feb 2014 ....The new Oaktec Pulse-R gas engine prototype is tested. The 400cc engine delivers exceptional performance, fuel efficiency and excellent emissions output even before optimisation of any components. Power betters the benchmarked donor diesel engine by around 20% at 2000-3000 rpm.


  News Sept 2013....Oaktec wins funding from Niche Vehicle Network to design build and test a new propane fuelled Pulse-R engine prototype to power a hybrid range extender.

 RAC FUTURE CAR CHALLENGE     Oaktec rally car wins hybrid class
News..... See Oaktec featured on the BBC One Show



Oaktec is an engineering research and development business concentrating on the development of novel engines, petrol electric hybrid technologies, low carbon automotive technologies and future car projects.  Innovations in;
HYBRID systems        improving performance and efficiency at reduced cost
Pulse-R Engine           novel engine prototypes suited for gaseous fuels for micro generation
ENERGY  harvesting      hybrid super capacitor power buffer technology  

We are interested in talking with OEM's and Tier 1 suppliers about technical and business partnership to commercialise the award winning Pulse-R engine technology for use in electricity generators, CHP, bio-gas plants, mowers and machinery, UAV's, hybrid vehicles, scooters and many other high volume applications.

 Pulse-R works, it has been tested and is proven. The prototype is built on the bottom end architecture of a global market leading small diesel engine and exceeds its performance by over 15%. On LPG fuel it has 22% more power at 2100rpm. It is very reliable, simple, fuel efficient and fuel quality tolerant. It can be used as a direct replacement for any small petrol or diesel engine and can be constructed using any base piston engine architecture.  It has very low manufacturing costs and can be developed quickly and easily for production . Pulse-R technology has patents filed to cover its unique architecture and systems. 

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